Neuer Millionär - Millionaire Quiz Game In German

Neuer Millionär - Millionaire Quiz Game In German

Neuer Millionär - Millionaire Quiz Game In German

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"Millionaire - quiz game in German" is an unofficial android application for famous television show "Millionaire" in German language.
There are 10000 interesting questions about different topics.

Millionär - Deutsche will let you feel the relax like never before as you take on the ultimate general knowledge challenge!
Test your knowledge by answering all questions about general knowledge and and a lot of points to show your experience.

Just like you would expect in Millionaire , you should Answer the questions and climb your way up the money tree to become the ultimate virtual millionaire.
If you need help, you can use the famous Millionaire lifelines: Phone-A-Friend, 50:50, and Ask The Audience! enjoy the Millionaire
The miniature world of knowledge… Play it right now to get the best things.

Thousands of general knowledge questions, the further you go the harder these questions get.
Ranking lets you invite your friends to play the game.
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6 achievements to win game
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- Remove ads
- Double your help on game
- Double your gained points

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So what are you waiting for? Let's download and install it :)

Useful: like who wants to be millionaire intellectual test, brain game in German language

Version: 1.1.12
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